And so the adventure begins

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Basics of Texas Hold’em

Perhaps the most popular card game today is Texas Hold’em. It’s perfect for VIP Poker tournaments, fundraisers, corporate events, or as just an addition to your Las Vegas themed Casino party. The basic rules of Texas Hold’em are easy to learn and once you begin playing, you’ll pick up the intricacies and strategies that make it even more and more fun!

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Casino Etiquette

Whether you’re attending a Casino themed event or visiting an actual Casino, one general thing to be mindful of is Casino Etiquette. We at Vegas Concepts specialize in Las Vegas-styled event planning, so it’s important to us that we all adhere to the spirit of general Casino conduct.

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We Do Mitzvahs!

Do you have a special young one ready to enter early adulthood? Celebrate their “coming of age” with a Vegas Concepts casino themed Bar or Bat Mitzvah! As a full-service event planning company, Vegas Concepts can completely coordinate your event.

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roulette wheel

Roulette Tips

While passing through Las Vegas en route to California, legendary mathematical genius Albert Einstein was quoted as saying to Nick Dandolos, aka, Nick the Greek“No one can win at the roulette table …”.

The Greek then proved him wrong with 3 consecutive wins on the table.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you to prove Einstein wrong.

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How to Think of a Deck of Cards

The next time you see a deck of cards, think of it as a calendar: – There are 52 cards in a deck, 52 weeks in a year. – There are four suits in a deck, four seasons in a year. – 12 picture cards, 12 months. – 13 cards in each suit, 13 lunar cycles in a year.